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          "What is selling on the Web?"
          "Do I need to have secure credit card ordering?"
          "Should I join a Web Mall?"
          "How much should I pay for a Web site?"

          These are among the questions I hear most often from crafts people about the web. With this survey, I hope to get some acurate answers to these questions for the benfit of the entire arts and crafts comunity.

          The information from this survey will *not* be used for any purpose other than gathering general data about how crafts are selling on the web. You will *not* be put on any mailing list by filling out this survey. Statisical information from this survey is posted automatically and may be viewed by anyone for the benefit of all arts and crafts professionals.

          If you have an arts and crafts web site, please fill out the survey form as completely and honestly as you can. Just click the button next to the most appropriate answer for each question, then click submit at the bottom of the page. (Please submit only once.)

          Thank you!

            How long have you had a site on the World Wide Web?
             Less than 1 year
             2 years
             3 years
            Where is your site hosted?
             On your ISP
             On AOL
             On a Pay Hosting Service
             On a Free Hosting Service
             At a "Web Mall"
             On your own server
            Who designed your site?
             Your self
             A friend
             A professional web designer
             Your hosting service 
            How much did it cost to develop your site?
             Less than $100
             $100 to $500
             $500 to $1000
             More than $1000
            How much do you pay to maintain your site?
             $10 to $20 per Mo.
             $20 to $50
             $50 to $100
             More than $100
            Do you pay a percentage of sales to your host?
            How are sales made from your site?
             Check by mail
             Telephone credit card orders
             Online credit card orders
             Do you have your own Domain Name (www.yourname.com)?
             Avarage number of visitors per day-
             Less than 10
             10 to 50
             50 to 100
             100 to 500
             More than 500
             Average number of inquires from your site each Month-
             1 to 20
             20 to 50
             50 to 100
             100 to 500
             Average number of sales from your site each Month-
             1 to 20
             20 to 50
             50 to 100
             100 to 500
             Average price of items sold-
             Less than $20
             $20 to $50
             $50 to $100
             $100 to $500
             What percentage of your total craft sales come from the web?
             Less than 10
             10 to 50
             50 to 100
            Thus far, have you found the web to be profitable?
          Would you say that your craft is-
             Your primary business
             A side line
             A hobby
            How would you best categorize your craft?
             Fabric Arts
             Dolls or Stuffed Animals
             Holiday Craft
             Country Crafts
             Your sex
             Your age
             Under 20
             20 to 40
             40 to 60
             60 to 80
             80 plus

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