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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Wood Crafts]

          Woodworking Arts & Crafts

          Woodcrafts Subcategories
          Handcrafted Furniture
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          ---- Site Sponsor ----

          Wooden American and custom flags and coin racks.

          [web site]2 GRIFFINS FINE WOODWORKING INC.
          Handmade artistic tables, lamps, peppermills, kitchen wear, desk accessories, and collectibles all using exotic woods and other materials such as copper, acrylic, and various inlays.

          Turned bowles, bird houses, cutting boards and lazy susans.

          Tables, wall art, cutting boards, mirror & picture frames handmade and carved in the US by master craftsman from Suriname.

          Custom wood cut-out components and project kits of all types of crafts.

          [web site]ALICE'S WORKSHOP
          Handcrafted wooden toys and a variety of other wood & craft related projects and ideas.

          [web site]ALTIG WOODTURNINGS
          Handmade custom pens, bowls, and other art objects created from exotic woods on a wood lathe.

          [web site] AMAZING GRACE WOODWORKING
          Handmade doll furniture designed for American Girl dolls. All proceeds benefit Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation.

          Shaker pegs, dowels, spindles, wheels, knobs, stars, hearts, wood parts and hardware.

          [web site]AMOR FATI
          Quality furniture made with reclaimed wood. Barn wood and wooden pallet.

          [web site]ANDERSON WOODWORKS
          Unique wood creations, jewelry boxes, clocks, keepsake boxes and more.

          [web site]APERJAGEE WOODWORKS
          Maker of fine whimsical furniture and accent pieces. All items are handcrafted in Texas.

          Wooden candle holders, tealight/Incense holders, corporate gifts, handmade wooden business card holder, home/office giftware or custom made to order from beautiful Australian timber species such as Jarrah, Sassafras, Tasmanian Oak and more. Unique modern wood & metal designer desk accessories.

          [web site]BARRY HORTON
          Shaker oval boxes and carriers, pegrails, Shaker side chairs and rockers.

          [web site]THE BIRDHOUSE BARN
          A variety of country and primitive decor items. Lighted saltbox houses, benches, cupboards, shelves, shutters, and more.

          [web site]BIRDSEYE CREATIONS
          Handcrafted works of art from solid Birds Eye Maple. Also offering stock wood.

          [web site] BRANCHOUT
          Traditional wood carving.

          [web site] BOXES 'N' MORE
          Band-saw woodworking. Unique handmade wood gifts.

          [web site]JEWELRY BOXES BY BOUDREAU
          Jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burls hand crafted by award winning Florida artisan Donald R. Boudreau.

          [web site]BURLWOODBOX.COM
          Quality wood boxes for jewelry and more, embellished with burls or other figured woods.

          [web site]BUZ'S WOODCRAFT
          Handcrafted spinning tops, dreidels, post office box door banks, and unique kitchen items.

          [web site]CANTERAS
          Handcrafted sculptural wooden clocks, wooden boxes, unique center pieces and desk accessories all made entirely from the finest exotic woods available. All colors and figure are 100% natural from the wood. No stains or paint used

          [web site]CHOPRACHESS
          Wooden exquisite handcarved chess and games from India .

          [web site] COLDWATERCRAFTER
          Scroll saw art.

          [web site]THE COPPER MARE COLLECTION
          Custom painted and finished wooden furniture and boxes. Done from personal photos, each one of a kind.

          [web site] CORBY BENDER ART
          Wood pens, personalized pens, wood rings, and gifts.

          [web site]COUNTRY CABIN CRAFTS
          Primitive Country birdhouses and barnwood gifts.

          [web site] CRAFTCRAZY4U
          Christmas ornaments, writing instruments, scarves, wood items.

          [web site]CRAFTY OWL
          Wine barrel carvings, custom wood signs, wine art, carved santas, wooden goblets, wood spoons, wine bottle stoppers and other hand carved folk art by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

          Hand decorated unfinished wooden and ceramic crafts, specializing in personalization.

          High end rustic furniture in the Adirondack style, reclaimed barnwood decor, fantasy rustic, and great camp styles, and installation of rustic interior elements.

          [web site]D. IAN ROSS, WOODTURNER
          Featuring unique laminated and artistic turnings. All pieces signed by the artist.

          [web site]D & N WOODCRAFTS
          Quality, hand painted country wood-crafts: bird-houses, Santas, snowmen and home decor items.

          [web site]DAVID'S FINE WOODCRAFT
          Unique handcrafted wood products made from Domestic and Exotic woods.

          [web site]DAVE'S WOODSHOP
          Scrollsawn 3-D plaques, clocks and plates of wildlife, people and other themes.

          [web site]THE DUSTY FOX
          Handmade wood gifts and decorator items.

          [web site]ELMERS WOODART
          Handcrafted, made in Canada woodcrafts: Coin banks, toys, decorative shelves, peg racks and more.

          [web site]ETERNAL SUMMER CREATIONS
          Chainsaw carving sculptures and custom artwork using different types of wood.

          [web site]EVEN UNTO BETHLEHEM
          Primitive, Folk and Country hand crafted wood gifts. Salt dough bread, packaged in a basket ready for display.

          [web site]EXCITING CRAFT WEBSITE
          Hand-made wooden weelbarrows.

          Custom wood signs including names, christian fish and crosses. Each one is hand crafted, decorated and finished with a hard coat laquer. Can be custom ordered with personalization.

          [web site]"FORE" THE BIRDS AND THE BEES
          Custom handmade cedar birdhouses personalized and designed in theme of your choice.

          [web site]FOUR OAKS CRAFTS
          An educational site for beginner and advanced woodworkers and crafters. Includes tips, tutorials, and free craft giveaways.

          [web site]GERARDCRAFT
          Tomorrow's heirlooms today: handcrafted small boxes.

          [web site]GREGORY MORETON RPT
          The work of Gregory Moreton: Artist, craftsman and turner of wood.

          [web site] HAIGH WOOD SHOP
          Turning trees to lumber for one-of-a-kind custom built furniture.

          Heirloom quality fine wood boxes, cabinets and accessories using exotic and domestic woods.

          [web site] HANDCRAFTED IN VA
          Custom woodworking, cutting boards, flags, wall hangings.

          Handcrafted wooden jewelry chests from the soul of the tree by Rick Robinson.

          [web site]HAWAIIAN KOA WOOD GIFTS
          Handcrafted Hawaiian koa wood gifts - koa bowls, koa watches, picture frames, furniture & more.

          [web site]HEIRLOOM REPRODUCTIONS
          Hand crafted and hand carved Victorian and French reproduction furniture and accessories.

          [web site]HERITAGECRAFTWORKS
          Primitive collectables made from environmentally friendly materials. Wholesale welcome.

          Quality handmade painted wooden products from the UK: Skittle sets, cord pulls, spinning tops, chess sets and star bricks.

          [web site]HICKORY WIND CRAFTS
          Fretwork clocks and hand painted wooden country accessories for the home.

          [web site]HOLY LAND IMPORTS
          Manufacturer of the finest hand-carved olive wood seasonal and religious gifts from Bethlehem.

          [web site]HOME-CRAFTS
          Designs in wood and glass. Useful items to use every day.

          [web site]HUTCHCRAFT PRODUCTS
          Rubber Band Shooters, Wine Cork Art and other craft items.

          [web site]ICAD ARTS AND CRAFT
          Original signed African arts and crafts from rare woods *bubinga, (1000 years), for interior design.

          [web site]ICE WOOD DESIGN
          Montana made wooden fish carvings, water wheels and craft kits.

          [web site] IDEA INCENTIVES INC.
          The leading supplier of Creative Canada gifts including Inukshuk gifts,wooden pine bowls Inukshuk gift boxes. Our Canada gift lines are ideal for programs in Canada.

          [web site] INKPOT PENS
          Maker of handcrafted fine writing instruments.

          [web site]JEFFSWOODNART
          Artwork and signs made from wood and other media.

          [web site] JIM'S CUSTOM WOODWORK
          Heirloom quality wooden toys

          [web site]J W MORLAN'S UNIQUE WOOD GIFTS
          Handcrafted wooden creations: desk accessories, jewelry and music boxes, cigar humidors. Each piece is signed, dated and numbered, with wood data, a brief artist profile, folder and a certificate.

          [web site]KATE'S CREATIVE ART
          Painted pots, mirrored windows, garden ornaments and more.

          [web site]KAUTHUK
          Coconut shell and wood crafts and home decor products.

          [web site]KEN'S WOOD TOYS
          Handcrafted wooden toy trucks and trains. Wooden toys for kids and adults.

          [web site]KEVIN'S CUSTOM CRAFTS
          Handcrafted authentic lighthouses and other nautical gifts, including lighthouse tables, lamps, wind chimes, paper towel holders and many other handmade crafts.

          [web site] K. PAUL CUSTOM WOOD DESIGNS
          Custom one of a kind wood designs.

          [web site] K&S WOODCRAFTS & SOAPS
          Handmade wood and soap products.

          [web site]LAKESIDE WOOD CRAFTS
          Quality hand made wood crafts for your home decorating needs. We have wood wall shelves, spice racks, doll furniture,curio shelves and other home decor items in our country woodcrafts line. Hand crafted one at a time.

          [web site]LB'S WOOD SHOPPE
          Fine hand crafted wood items. Domestic, exotic or a combination of these woods are used to create unique and special gifts or decor for the home. Vases, bowls, pens, religious items...something for everyone.

          [web site]LEE'S WOOD ARTISTRY
          Wooden pictures created by using different species of lumber to form finished art work.

          [web site] LINNELL DESIGN
          A creative custom laser studio, offering laser etching and cutting services for businesses and artisans. Also, wooden jewelry, accessories, art and decor.

          [web site]THE LITTLE BOX SHOP
          Quality handcrafted jewelry and keepsake boxes.

          [web site]LOMPE'S WOODCARVINGS
          Carvings of all types-relief, figure, chip and love spoons.

          [web site]MARKAYS CLOCKS AND CRAFTS
          Uniquely designed wooden sports,patriotic, and award clocks and crafts. American flags and major sports. Custom school colors available.

          [web site]MIKESPENTURNINGZ
          Handcrafted custom wooden and acrylic pens.

          [web site]MORTAR AND PESTLE STORE
          A selection of high end mortars and pestles in olive wood and brass.

          [web site]MY WOODEN BOX
          Unique handcrafted wooden boxes for all occasions.

          [web site]BY NANCY
          Handcrafted items for the home: wooden benches, cabinets and home decor.

          One-of-a-kind driftwood designs, including handrails, door pulls, cabinet pulls, headboards, bud vases and taper candle holders.

          [web site]NAVA G DESIGN
          Nava G Design is a unique brand of original woodworking. Creations that are enduring and will become the heirlooms of tomorrow.

          Features the work of one of the most successfull woodworking co-operatives, showing furniture, art and fine wood craft.

          [web site]OLD COOT WOODWORKS
          Wooden signs, numbers, plaques, planters and more.

          [web site]THE OLD COUNTRY CUPBOARD
          Specializing in handcrafted primitive pine furniture and home accents.

          [web site]ORIGINAL WISE CRACKER
          Handcrafted twist design wooden nutcracker and gift baskets containing our nutcracker and in-shell pecans.

          [web site] THE PAINTED FRAME
          Old frames repainted and distressed. Anything that can be painted made with a primitive style.

          [web site]PAWPAWS WORKSHOP
          Specializing in handmade items cut in wood with both band saw and scroll saw. Custom request are welcome. Over 50 years of woodworking experience.

          [web site] PENOBSCOT PENS
          Wood pens, acrylic pens, pen accesories, bottlestoppers, and miscellaneous woodcrafts.

          [web site]PEPPER-PASSION
          A source for salt and pepper mills handcrafted in elegant designs from rare and exotic hardwoods, including our signature "Aphrodite" pepper mill design.

          [web site]THE PEN PLACE
          Home of hand-crafted pens and wooden gifts.

          [web site]PENS AND TURNINGS
          A collection of handcrafted wooden and acrylic pens, wine stoppers, seam rippers and ornamental birdhouses.

          [web site]PENS UNIQUE
          Quality and unique hand crafted pens made especially for the discerning pen lover.

          Wooden American and custom flags and coin racks.

          [web site]PFL WOODWORKING
          Hand crafted wooden heirloom quality one-of-a-kind jewelry box, ornamental box and fine furniture.

          [web site]PIONEER HERITAGE SHOPPE
          Handmade collectible horse-drawn pioneer wagons and buggies. Exquisite dried flower herb wreaths, preserved wedding bouquets, floral arrangements and more.

          [web site]POLICE DOG HOUSES
          A police dog house built from our plans is used by police agencies worldwide that depend on a tested and proven dog house for their K-9 partners. Now you can have a police dog house for your pet too.

          [web site]REDDOG'S WOOD CRAFTS
          Handcrafted wooden nightlight shadowboxes.

          Handcut exotic wood knife scales for sale.

          Rustic hand made furniture; stools, adirondack chairs, coffee tables, end tables, etc.

          [web site] SALVAGED ARTWORKS
          Uniquely designed and handmade tables from tree slabs and reclaimed wood. Also handmade sculptures and wall hangings.

          [web site]SANTA FE STONEWORKS
          Handcrafted cutlery and men's accessories incorporating gems and dyed wood marquetry.

          [web site]SCISSORS & SAWS
          Fine hand made holiday and greeting cards, fine hand made wood gifts. Pens, wine bottle stoppers, perfume pens, atomizer, wedding sets, fly tying stations, Christmas ornaments and multi-tools.

          [web site] SHINE CRAFTS
          Natural handmade wooden crafts.

          [web site]SIGNS OF WOOD, CO.
          Personalized three dimensional wood signs for gifts and business.

          [web site]STEEBAR.COM
          Clock making parts, plans and supplies. Scroll saw plans and supplies. Penmaking kits, blanks, tools and supplies. Hobbyists or professionals welcome.

          [web site]STOUGHTON'S WOODSMITH
          Quality hand crafted wood items and gifts.

          [web site]STUDIO78ONLINE
          Contemporary dazzling hand painted furniture. Embellished with embossed copper overlay and 100% gold, copper and silver leaf. All pieces coated with heavy duty water-based polyurethane. Custom orders welcome.

          [web site] STUDIO JORDON
          Handmade, functional & sustainable art made from salvaged wood. Unique steam bent designs and more made for the modern home.

          [web site] SURRENDER TO HAPPINESS
          Handmade wooden houses, cottages & shops.

          [web site]SUZET'S STUDIO
          Gourd Art and Cypress Knee Sculpture offered from the artist's studio.

          [web site] TAHOE'S LODGE
          Wooden shelf sitter signs and decor.

          [web site]TALEWEAVERS
          Handmade Nantucket Lightship, Kentucky Rib and Splint baskets. Specializing in handweaving of various natural materials including baskets, yarnworks, and Waxed Irish Linen necklaces, pendants, and pouches for special rocks and treasures.

          [web site]TLC WOODCRAFTERS
          Name puzzle stools, wooden name puzzles, and personalized children's gifts handcrafted from real hardwood in the USA.

          [web site]T. MARIE'S GALLERIES
          Country pine furniture and crafts.

          Handcrafted coffee grinders made from selected unique hardwoods. Three types of burr type grinder mechanisms available.

          Beautiful art boxes sculptured with fine Australian timbers. Each box is individually crafted inspired by features of the timber. Blue Mountains, Australia.

          [web site]TUCK'S TOYS
          Handcrafted in Maine, kid-approved wooden toys, encourages imagination and creativity

          [web site]TURNZWOOD2
          Hand turned items in domestic and exotic woods as well as acrylic. Items range from practical, e.g. salad bowls, to decorative, e.g. candle and oil candle holders, to whimsical, e.g. minature bird houses.

          [web site]UPTONS WOODWORKING
          Great handmade wood products at reasonable prices.

          Handcrafted solid wood furniture and accessories. Tomorrow's heirlooms today.

          [web site]WALT MOHLER'S GALLERY
          Works of art, using many different kinds of wood, featuring wood Indian pottery replicas.

          [web site]WAYNE'S WOODCRAFTS
          Unique scroll sawn wooden treasures.

          [web site]WE'LL MAKE IT FOR YOU
          Small wooden items for the home or office, finished and ready to finish pieces.

          [web site]WEBERDING'S CARVING SHOP INC.
          Some very unique artwork in wood.

          [web site] WHITLOCK WOODEN DESIGNS
          Handmade acrylic & wooden pens, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens. Handmade wooden boxes.

          [web site]WICKED COOL WOOD
          Unique driftwood creations including lamps, mirrors, birdhouses, candle holders, picture frames and much more.

          [web site]WILDLIFE CREATIONS
          Wooden wildlife, seasonal and sports wall plaques.

          [web site]WILLOW WOOD PENS & GIFTS
          Fine quality writing instruments & unique wooden boxes.

          [web site]WINDANCER CHIMES
          Hand crafted wind chimes, wind chime kits, wind chime parts & wind chime repair.

          [web site]WOODEN PEN WORKS
          Hand crafted wooden pens, made from only the finest exotic hardwoods. Other materials include corian and trustone. See our personalized Christmas chimneypiece.

          [web site]WOOD MOSAICS
          Old fashioned thick wood inlay. Small diamonds and triangles of different kinds of wood glued onto a base.

          [web site] WOOD-N-CRITTERS
          Handcrafted hardwood home decor items and knicknacks.

          [web site]WOOD BY DAMI
          Simple, functional furniture crafted with quality materials and highlighted with a flair that includes other media such as stone, glass, or metal.

          [web site]WOODEN YOU KNOW
          Handcrafted wooden toys.

          [web site]WOOD TREASURES
          Quality jewelry boxes and wooden bowls; ideal for birthdays and weddings.

          [web site]WOODTURNING BY ROD PAGE
          Designer-maker producing bowls,hollow forms, vases, table-lamps and boxes by woodturning.

          [web site]WOODEN CONCEPTS
          Wooden pens, pencils, perfume applicators, perfume atomizers, toothpick holders, key rings, knives, letter openers, magnifying glasses and other handmade wood products.

          [web site]A WOOD WEDDING
          Wood accessories and gifts for weddings.

          [web site]WOODWORKINGAL
          A variety of different woodwork, from bandsaw boxes to crib boards, earrings, clocks, earrings, Intarsia and more. (Also see: www.etsy.com/shop/woodworkingal .)

          [web site]WOODWITCH
          Finely crafted oak jewelry holders make it easy to display, store, organize and protect your necklaces, earrings, key chains, belts, scrunchies, watches and other jewelry and accessories.

          Jewelry boxes and more handcrafted in New England.

          [web site]WYATT'S WOODWORKING
          Custom furniture, country furniture and crafts, outdoor furniture, bookcases, signs, and furniture repair.

          [web site]WYOMING WOOD TURNER
          Specializing in beautiful wood gifts, art, lathe turning, wood bowls, boxes, platters and cutting boards.

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