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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Stuffed Animals]

          Stuffed Animals

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          [New] KENISHA’S CRAFT
          Handmade stuffed animals, shawls and hats made out of crochet and 100% acrylic yarn.

          [web site]ADEEART.COM
          Custom dolls made from your drawings or ideas.

          [web site] ALIEN ADOPTION
          Handmade, plush bean alien dolls, complete with birth certificate and star chart.

          [web site] BAILEY'S VICTORIANNA
          Victorian theme decorative bears and fabric covered wood bunnies.

          [web site]BEAR FAMILY GIFTS, LLC
          Personalized and customized teddy bear keepsakes.

          [web site]COUNTRY AT HEART
          Browse this online catalog of handmade dolls, animals, snowmen, and much more.

          [web site]CREATED BY LAURIE
          Handmade custom stuffed animals, animal blankets, and other items related to babies and kids.

          [web site]CRITTERS
          Handcrafted Critter dolls.

          [web site] CRITTERS TO GLITTERS
          Handmade goods. Custom plushies, scarfs, jewelry and other various crafts.

          [web site] KENISHA’S CRAFT
          Handmade stuffed animals, shawls and hats made out of crochet and 100% acrylic yarn.

          [web site]KIM'S KIDS
          Handmade cloth dolls and stuffed animals.

          Teddy bears are handcrafted from your natural fur and fabric heirlooms. Our focus is to preserve the integrity of each heirloom from yesterday for the memories of tomorrow.

          [web site]MY COZY CRITTER
          Unique handmade stuffed animals, ready to find their forever friend.

          [web site]PINE HOLLOW HANDCRAFTS
          Country bunnies, bears, dolls and wood items. Made with love in Nescopeck, Pennsylvania.

          Mink Fur teddy bears and other real fur teddy bears, handmade by artist Kim Zeman.

          [web site]REBECCA'S CREATIONS
          Original handmade dolls, animals & seashell art.

          [web site]STUFFEDANIMALS.COM
          Stuffed animals, teddy bears, plush characters, dolls, puppets, plush toys, accessories and apparel.

          [web site]SWEETIE BEARS
          Handcrafted original designs of teddy bears.

          [web site] WIXXL AMIGURUMI & CROCHET
          Free Resources on Amigurumi Making and Crocheting. Easily navigate through hundreds of free amigurumi patterns and crochet tutorials.

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