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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Soap & Candle Crafts]

          Soap & Candle Crafts

          Select Soap & Candle Books
          Soap and Candle Techniques,
          Recipes, Ideas, etc.

          Soap & Candles
          Discussion Group

          Select Soap & Candle Suppliers
          More Craft Supplies...

          ---- Site Sponsor ----

          Handcrafted beeswax candles, jewelry, and watercolor prints.

          [New] HD SOAP
          Handmade soaps and other hair/skincare products.

          [web site]3 BIRDS NATURALS
          Handmade soaps, bath and body products.

          [web site] A.G ESSENTIAL OILS
          Producer, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of oils, demanded widely for its high effectiveness, utmost purity, precise formation and longer lifespan.

          [web site]AINE'S HERBAL CREATIONS
          Natural handmade products using herbs amd essentials for coloring and fragrances.

          [web site]ALPINE NATURALS
          Bringing you closer to nature with natural and organic body care products. Soaps, candles, lip balms, lotions, creams, and more.

          [web site] AMAZING ESSENCE
          100% soy candles, wax melts

          [web site]AMBER'S AROMAS AND GIFTS
          Luxury hand poured scented candles, wax melts, perfume oils and hand painted wax warmers.

          [web site]ANCIENT WAYS BOTANICALS
          100% pure and natural essential oils. Many organic oils available.

          [web site]ARINAY BATH AND BODY
          Natural cosmetic products for mom and baby.

          [web site] ARIZMENDIWORKSHOP
          Candles and wax melts made from soy and 100% natural beeswax.

          [web site] AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL
          Natural essential oils, Carrier Oils and Base Oils, Oleoresins, Traditional Indian Attars, Spice Oils, Organic Oils, Floral Absolute Oils and others.

          [web site]ATULYAM DECORS
          Unique gift ideas all occasions... Weddings, birthdays, showers, Centerpiece etc. Can be personalized with the name or any other special message.

          [web site] AYDAGLAMOURCANDLES
          Bespoke hand decorated candles and picture frames. Decorated with diamantes in various designs and colours to suit your taste.

          [web site]BATH AND BODY BLISS
          Bath and body lotions, gels, scrubs, natural soaps and baby products, soy candles, room sprays, dip mixes, and more.

          [web site]BEACH'TAUK
          All organic, natural homemade body and lip scrubs. Gentile ingredients. Fantastic for all skin types.

          [web site]BEAR CREEK CANDLE COMPANY
          Fine handcrafted pure beeswax candles made with unrefined beeswax, aromatherapy grade essential oils and 100% cotton wicks. Wholesale & Retail.

          [web site]BESTUP4HOME
          Candle making kits, candle wicks and candle making supplies.

          [web site]BODY AND SOUL
          Natural essential oils, beauty supplies and toxic-free home cleaners.

          [web site] BODY BATH AND BEYOND
          All natural bath and body products.

          [web site]THE BODY LOFT
          Natural handmade bath, body and spa products made with natural herbs, pure essential oils and natural butters to soothe, soften and renew skin.

          [web site]BOUNTIFUL SOAPS
          Aromatherapy Soaps make with Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and only Essential Oils, some with herbs, Goat Milk and Honey. 4.5 ounce bars.

          [web site] BRAJHAUN ESSENTIALS
          Homemade natural bath bombs, bath salts, candles & soap.

          [web site]BRIAR ROSE SOY CANDLES
          Hand poured, triple scented 100% soybean candles in 200+ fragrances. Retail, wholesale, & private labeling available.

          Our Handmade Soy candles contain all-natural cotton wicks, 100% organic soy wax, and premium fragrant oils.

          [web site]CAJUN CANDLES
          Your complete source for candle and soap making supplies.

          [web site]CAMDEN-GREY ESSENTIAL OILS
          Highest quality essential and fragrance oils, vegetable oils, waxes, butters, lye & dozens of other raw materials and packaging items.

          [web site]CANDLE-LICIOUS
          Handcrafted heavily scented votive candles, jar candles, tealights and tarts plus a large selection of tart burners, candle holders and candle accessories.

          [web site]CANDLES & GIFTS BY STEVE & SHIRLEY
          Specializing in hghlyscented candles since l997.

          [web site]CANDLES AND SUPPLIES.COM
          Candle and soap making supplies at wholesale prices.

          [web site]CANDLES BY NILY
          Creating personalized collector candles for any reason or any season.

          [web site]CANDLES BY STEVIE
          100% all-natural soy candles and wax tarts.

          [web site]CANDLES BY VICTORIA
          Creamy rich candles are individually hand poured in Dallas Texas and are drenched with the maximum amount of the finest fragrance oils.

          [web site]CANDLESCIENCE
          A simple, easy to use online supplier of high quality candle supplies.

          [web site]CANDLE SWEETIE CANDLES
          Handcrafted luxury and specialty candles. Indulgent dessert replica candles.

          [web site]CANDLEWIC
          Supplies the candle and soap making industries with kits, molds, waxes, bases, and other accessories.

          [web site]CAPRALACT CREATIONS
          Specializing in making handmade goat's milk soap & lotion at an affordable price. All bath & soap products are handmade fresh for your order.

          [web site]CASTLE ROCK SOAP COMPANY
          Luxury handmade natural soaps very rich in butters and oils, baby-safe, vegan quality, from unscented to very aromatic.

          [web site] CEDAR BAY SOAP COMPANY
          Handmade soap bars and bath products

          Wholesale candle making supplies: wax, scents, molds, containers & glassware, dyes, additives, wicks, starter kits, equipment, packaging and more, including soap making supplies.

          All natural soaps and bath salts traditionally handcrafted in Hawaii with pure essential oils and locally grown organic botanicals.

          [web site]COOGAR PRODUCTS
          Wax melters, candle making equipment, soap melters, cosmetic filling equipment, hands of wax, and more.

          Soy tarts and candles made in the USA and shipped directly to your door. Clean burning soy in over 120 natural essential oil scents.

          [web site]COUNTRY HERBALS
          Hand made soaps, body and bath oils and more.

          [web site] DEB'S CALMING CREATIONS
          Aromatherapy, bath and body products, corn pillows, rice pillows, wool dryer balls.

          [web site] DEVI DOO NATURALS LLC
          All natural bath products such as shampoo and conditioner, body butter, body butter bars, liquid hand soap, and lip balm.

          [web site] EARTHEN VIBES
          All natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, and salves that are vegan and made with real essential oils.

          [web site] EAST PINE WAX CO.
          We are dedicated to making an impact in the lives of children. All candles are handcrafted in East Texas using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. Every candle purchased gives back to nonprofit foster care organizations in Texas.

          [web site]ELEMENTALS BY DIANE
          Herbally enriched, handcrafted shea butter soaps, bath salts, bath teas and unique soap gift baskets.

          Natural handmade donkey milk soaps.

          [web site]ELLIE'S CANDLES
          All natural soy wax. Handmade and handpoured with love.

          [web site] ELLIOT REID BOUTIQUE
          All natural skincare products. Cold process soap, lotion, salt scrubs, shampoo and conditioner bars, healing balm, lip balm, deodorant, bath bombs, soap accessories and more.

          [web site]ESSENTIAL BODY PLEASURES
          All natural, freshly made skin care products.

          Handmade bakery candles, primitive pantry cakes, and scented faux breads.

          [web site]FEATHER FALLS SOAP COMPANY
          Natural, handcrafted glycerine soaps with a unique blend of essential oils and herbs.

          [web site]THE FLAMING CANDLE COMPANY
          A full line of candle making supplies, including wax, fragrance oil, wicks, dye, containers, and more.

          [web site]FOREVER FLORALS
          Hawaiian bath and body products including shampoos, lotions, oils, soaps, and more. All products made in Hawaii.

          Handcrafted soaps, candles, bath products and more using essential oils and fragrance oils.

          Natural vegan handmade soap and skin care products. Eco-friendly, organic certified labeled ingredients, vegan, leaping bunny certification.

          [web site] GERTIES SOAPS AND SUNDRIES
          Natural soaps and skin care products made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other high quality ingredients, with no fake dyes or fragrances.

          Body lotions, butters, salts and bath bombs--all made to order.

          [web site] GOLDEN SOAPSMITHING
          Homemade natural vegan soap. A portion goes to greyhound & galgo rescue.

          [web site]GREAT SOUTH BAY CANDLES
          Luxury scented soy candles made with 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and premium oils. Paraffin and additive free.

          [web site]GREENBUSH SOAPWORKS
          "Wicked Good" Goats Milk Soap made in Maine

          [web site]GYPSYBIJOUX
          Quality handmade products. Jewelry, candles and more.

          [web site]HANDMADE SOAP
          Handmade soaps from food grade vegetable oils and nut butters, lip & cuticle balms, using essential oils and infused herbs. Also, men's old fashion shaving mug & brush set.

          [web site]HAPPY BEE
          Beeswax candles in various shapes, sizes and colors. Hand crafted or hand rolled. Natural soaps and body care products from plant oils, beeswax and/or honey.

          [web site]HAPPY CANDLES
          Gel Candles site offering many scents and colors. Our gel Candles include glow in the dark and jelly jars.

          Hand-poured natural soy candles made on the Big Island of Hawaii. Featuring 14 floral and food fragrances including Pikake, Tuberose, Lokelani, Plumeria, Gardenia, and more. Hawaiian candle gift baskets also available.

          [web site] HD SOAP
          Handmade soaps and other hair/skincare products.

          [web site] HEY SUGAR
          Natural handcrafted body scrubs, made from simple ingredients.

          [web site] HOLISTIC BEAUTY 411
          100 percent natural and certified cruelty- free handmade soaps and bath bombs.

          [web site]JAR STORE
          Wide selection of wholesale jars and candle supplies.

          [web site] JUST FOR ME CANDLES
          A candle manufacturer that has served the Fundraising, Wholesale and promotional markets since 1999.

          [web site]K9 BYTES CRAFTS & CREATIONS
          Natural aromatherapy soap & candles, handmade note cards for all occasions, wedding favors.

          [web site]KANDI'S COTTAGE
          Unique vintage-look items for the home: candles, soaps, linens, pillows, and more.

          [web site]KANDLES FOREVER
          Handsculptured, hand painted southwestern Kandles by artist Pat Hostetter-Lopez; Albuquerque, New Mexico

          [web site] LEO’S SCENTS
          Handmade soy candles and handmade organic shea butter.

          [web site]KIMBERLY'S CANDLES AND MORE
          Hand poured wax products which include highly fragrant candles, air fresheners, tart melts, votives as well as many accessories.

          [web site] LITTLE BULEW BIRDIE
          Cold process soaps, whipped scrubs, show bath bombs made with organic, sustainable oils and butters, wax melts and pallet wood signs.

          Handcrafted beeswax candles, jewelry, and watercolor prints.

          [web site]LITTLE HOUSE CANDLES
          Sented candles help support The Grayhound Friends Of New Jersey.

          Handcrafted all natural, vegan and organic products. Chemical free, additives free, phallates free and cruelty free.

          [web site] MAGIC CITY CANDLE CO.
          Individually crafted soy candles.

          Crocheted scrubbies. Over 150 fragrant triple scented hand poured soy blend candles, wax melts, electric melting pots, soaps, bee bars, and even dog soaps.

          [web site]MANOLAS HANDMADE SOAPS
          Luxurious handmade products made only with pure vegetable and nut oils - perfect for any skin type.

          [web site] MAE SHEA BUTTER & BODY PRODUCTS
          Aromatherapy shea butter and soap.

          [web site]MILLY VERCHAR
          Handmade herbal soaps and bath & body essentials.

          [web site]MIT&HUT
          A wide selection of natural soaps, body, and bath products. Also, 100% soy wax candles.

          [web site]MONEYPENNY'S SOYSATIONS
          Hand poured pure soy candles, soy blend melts, cold process soap, soy lotion, room spray, hair protein spray, linen spray and body wash.

          [web site]MOUNTAIN SPRING SOAPS
          Quality handcrafted soaps made with pure spring water and premium oils.

          [web site] MYOWNE SOAPS
          Natural soaps for a healthier clean.

          [web site] MY PRETTY LITTLE CANDLES
          A curated collection of handmade candles & more.

          [web site]MY SOMEDAY DESIGNS
          Natural handmade small batch soaps made with locally sourced ingredients.

          Customized candles, made from 100% soy wax and eco-friendly cotton wicks.

          [web site]NATURAL NURTURING
          Aromatherapy Products made with pure essential oils. Soy candles, bath salts, massage oils, lotion, shampoo, etc. Natural unique purfumes, hand blown glass vessels to hold oils/perfumes. Crystal potpouri and himalayan salt lamps and candle holders, geode oil burners.

          [web site]NATURAL SOAP BOUTIQUE
          All natural soap handcrafted from organic ingredients.

          [web site] NATURE'S BEAUTY MIX
          All natural beauty products for the hair and skin.

          [web site]NATURE'S BEST SOAPS
          Handcrafted all-vegetable soaps with essential and/or fragrance oils and herbal additives.

          [web site]NAUGHTY GOAT ORGANIC SOAP CO.
          100% Organic handmade goat milk soap, candles, laundry soap and other bath and body care.

          [web site]NAVLI NATURALS
          Handmade cold process soaps, made with vegetable oil, butters, herbs and essential oils.

          [web site] PLANT BASED HANCRAFTED SOAP
          Handcrafted herbal soap plant based

          [web site]PURE-N-SIMPLE HOMEMADE SOAPS
          Goats milk soap, bath salts, hand lotion bars, homemade laundry detergent, all made with natural ingredients and pure oils.

          [web site]PURE SCENTS CANDLE COMPANY
          Hand poured, richly scented soy candles.

          [web site]QUITE EWE NIQUE
          Handmade primitive and country style candles and potpourri. Including Wax and Gel candles, Americana, potpourri refresher oils and candle accessories.

          [web site] ROOTED GIFTS
          Specializing in homemade, artisan soy candles, in a wide variety, from decorative to spell casting.

          [web site] ROSE AND MAGS COUNTRY MILE
          Hand poured organic massage oil candles and other organic skin care products.

          [web site]SCENTED BASKETS
          Unique gift baskets created with eectric tart warmers, handmade tarts, votives, potpourri, soap petals, pie candles, scented bears and more.

          [web site] SERENE SUN PORCH
          Handmade goodies, created in my cozy, peaceful sun porch, including natural bath and body products, herbal teas, and jewelry.

          [web site] SHAUNA’S CANDLES
          Custom made candles and car air fresheners.

          Lovingly handcrafted soaps, bath bombs, and home spa products.

          [web site] SKULLGODDESSSKLLZ
          Unique & exotic Scented Candles.

          [web site] SKINPLICITY BATH & BODY
          Handcrafted vegan soaps & natural skincare. Olive oil soaps, shea butters, facial care.

          [web site] THE SOAP DUDE
          Specializing in handcrafted soaps from York, PA.

          [web site]SOAP FOR GOODNESS SAKE
          Natural handmade soaps, moisturizers and bath salts with essential oils. Vegan. Made in Oklahoma, USA.

          [web site]SOAP LABELS
          Labels for handmade soaps and cosmetics.

          [web site]SOAPS BY JAN
          All natural handcrafted soaps, lotions, scrubs. Essential oils. Handmade splashes, mists, and bath accessories.

          [web site]SONNY & DEW
          All natural shea & aloe soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, oil perfumes, and candles.

          [web site]SON SOAP
          Vegan soaps and lotions, made with hempseed, avocado, virgin olive, and coconut oils. Scented only with real essential oils, for truely natural products.

          [web site] STELLA'S CANDLE SHOPPE
          100% soy candles in a variety of scents and jars.

          [web site]SUBTLE SCENTS
          Wonderful handpoured scented candles. Also Aromatherapy oils,potpourri, soaps, gift baskets and more.

          [web site]SUSANVILLE SOAP COMPANY
          Handcrafted soaps, lotions, body-creams, lip balms and more.

          [web site] SUSARITHA'S
          Natural soaps, made with botanicals, fruits, vegetables, milk, silk and essential oils. Palm free soaps. Natural lotion, face pack, sugar scrub, lip balms, body washes.

          [web site]SWEET HARVEST FARMS
          An eclectic blend of luxurious homemade goats milk soaps (original recipe exclusive to SHF), high-country primitives, folk art and whimsy.

          [web site]SWEET SCENTS SOAP COMPANY
          Handmade soaps made with vegan friendly ingredients.

          [web site]TIMBERWOOD FARM AND FIBER
          Rich and luxurious handmade goat milk soaps created on the farm using only natural ingredients, including pure Goat's Milk from our own herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

          Hand crafted candles, bath and body products, paintings and drawings.

          [web site]TRTARTS
          Hand crafted and poured scented wax tarts.

          [web site] VEDAOILS
          100% pure organic essential oils and Soap bases. From India.

          [web site]THE VEGETABLE CART
          Natural, 100% vegetable handmade soaps: bars and gift baskets.

          [web site]WAX WIZARD CANDLES
          Beautiful hand sculpted "cut-n-carve" candles.

          Hand-poured soy candles, olive oil soaps, bath gels, aromatherapy made in the Finger Lakes of NY.

          [web site]WILLOW MOON
          Handcrafted herbal soaps, lotions and other toiletry items.

          Mia Bella clean-burning gourmet candles, in a 16 oz. jar and also votives. A soy candle, no wax, burns for 100 hours.

          [web site]YOUR BATH BOUTIQUE
          Three distinct product lines. SavonMarie, for goat milk soap and cream; Blonde in a Bathtub, for products rich in shea butter and aloe; and Black Cat Bath Bombs for hand made bath bombs, bath salts, and scrubs.

          Hand-poured, natural soy candles (over 400 types of scented candles) made in Zionsville, Indiana.

          [web site] ZURI-LAINI
          Natural and organic skin care products made with the highest quality butters and essential oils available.

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