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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Metal Crafts]

          Metal Crafts

          Select Metalcraft Books
          Metal Craft Techniques,
          Welding, Sheet Metal, Blacksmith,
          Ideas, etc.

          Metal Craft
          Discussion Group

          Select Metal Craft Suppliers
          Basic Copper
          Atlas Metal Sales
          More Craft Supplies...

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          BASIC COPPER
          Your source for top quality copper sheets for crafts and art projects, embossing, manufacturing, electrical applications, research and development, do it yourself projects, and much more.

          [New] C7 METAL WERKS
          Custom-made horseshoe art, made with all new shoes and painted with any color you like.

          [web site] AMERICAN SIGN LETTERS
          Custom metal signs for personal and business use.

          [web site]BROOKS-ART CREATIONS
          Small and lifesize metal figurines for music & sports. Great gifts and awards.

          [web site]BYEGONE WORKSHOP
          Wrought iron wheels, axles and plans for the crafter to make our byegone wheelbarrows and carts.

          [web site] C7 METAL WERKS
          Custom-made horseshoe art, made with all new shoes and painted with any color you like.

          [web site]A CAST OF CHARACTERS
          Hand cast bronze cabinet hardware in the craftsman style, featuring northwest and sea animals sculpted in bas-relief.

          [web site]eCARTERS METAL CRAFTS
          Creative metal figurines made of nuts, bolts and copper wire. Great gift ideas for everyone. Sports, music, aircraft, professions and a whole lot more.

          [web site]ENGRAVING MASTER SERIES
          Hand engraving instruction. European trained Master Engraver teaches comprehensive course. 14 dvds. Beginners - advanced.

          [web site]COPPER SINKS
          Hammered handmade copper artworks and crafts, most of them unique. Made from one sheet of copper. Natural copper, silver decorated and gold decorated.

          [web site]GOLDEN HANDS
          Casting of babies hands and feet, presented in a range of cold cast metals.

          DIY home decor furniture make by flange, pipe fittings.

          [web site]HARMONY HOLLOW
          Hand crafted fine cast bronze wind bells, chimes, and other outdoor decorative accessories for your backyard or patio from Harmony Hollow Bell Works.

          [web site]IMPACT BRASS LETTERS
          Custom cut brass letters, waterjet cut, with satin or polished finish.

          [web site]IRONAGECRAFTS.COM
          All the beautiful designs on this site are exclusively & artistically hand made by some of Europe's most creative minds.

          [web site]IRON ELEGANCE
          Decorative iron and art glass.

          [web site]JUDIE BOMBERGER, INC.
          Whimsical hand painted steel sculptures and watercolor prints for the home and garden.

          [web site]LITTLE FRECKLE
          Metal stamping tools, jewellery and craft supplies.

          [web site]METAL DESIGNS LLC
          Bronze plaques, metal lettering, military and memorial plaques, cast seals, etching and engravings as well as other metal signage.

          [web site]TAVERN PUZZLES
          Mind-boggling brainteasers and accessories from the blacksmith. 100% handcrafted in the USA.

          [web site]TEXAS TREASURES
          Western iron art: Sillouette bed frames, hat racks, clocks, napkin holders, BBQ pits, key racks, lamps, and much more.

          [web site]C. THOMAS KNIVES
          Handcrafted from North Idaho, industrial lumber mill saw steel is reborn into heirloom quality hunting and kitchen knives.

          [web site]WATCH US PEWTER CHARMS
          Supplier of pewter charms. Perfect for any project including sport charms, scrapbook charms and wine charms.

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