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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Jewelry Crafts]

          Jewelry Crafts

          Select Jewelry Craft Books
          Jewelry Making Techniques,
          Designs, Materials, etc.

          Jewelry Craft
          Discussion Group

          Select Jewelry Craft Suppliers
          All Season Co.
          C.C. Silver & Gold
          More Craft Supplies...

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          [New] BIJOUXX BEADS
          Beaded handcrafted jewelry.

          [New] MADMAC DESIGNS
          Glamorous, fun, affordable jewellery.

          [web site]1 OF A KIND DESIGNS
          Affordable, handmade beaded earrings, bracelets & necklaces made with semi-precious gemstones, lampwork beads, Swarovski & Czech crystals with free shipping.

          [web site]4 IDLE HANDS
          Off-beat and hand-crafted jewelry, prints, and bookmarks.

          [web site]A.D. JEWELS
          Exclusively designed, handmade sterling silver jewelry

          [web site]ALEXANDRA'S JEWELRY
          Fine sculpted wire jewelry made with unique stones to culminate in a true one of a kind piece of jewelry.

          [web site]AMANTEA JEWELRY BY JAMIE
          Hand-crafted jewelry pieces using gems, stones, glass and modeled beads from around the world.

          [web site]ANA'S JEWELRY DESIGNS
          Hand made necklaces, earings and bracelets. Made with glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious and precios beads.

          [web site] ANDEE' S HAND PAINTED ARTS & CRAFTS
          Original hand painted crafts.

          [web site]ANGELA'S DESIGN JEWELRY
          Specialized in creating custom jewelry. All items are silver, copper, stainless steel, brass & vintaj brass - including findings unless otherwise noted.

          [web site]ARABEL LEBRUSAN
          Handmade ethical wedding rings. All wedding rings are beautifully designed and handmade using excellent craftsmanship.

          [web site] ARGIASDESIGNS
          Beautiful and unique earrings handmade of crystals, freshwater pearls and stones each one with a beautiful box handcrafted too.

          [web site] ART LACE STUDIO
          Handpainted and unique flower jewelry. All flowers used are handmade by the artist using glass paints.

          [web site]ART INSPIRED GIFTS
          Watches & jewelry, engraved personalized gifts.

          [web site]ART JEWELRY STORE
          Wearable art, created by hand, and conceived with passion. Shells, natural crystals, pearls and beyond.

          [web site]ARTISANS AT MOOSEWORKS
          Unique hand-crafted jewelry, utilizing semi-precious, glass, and metal beads, silver and gold-filled wire, hand made ring chain, fiber (crochet and kumihimo) and precious metal clay.

          [web site]ART DESIGNS TO WEAR
          Original hand crafted gemstone gold and silver necklaces, bracelets and chandelier earrings for all the days of your life. Custom Bridal suites a specialty.

          [web site] AUDREY JONES
          Handmade jewelry using precious and semiprecious metals and stones.

          [web site] AVALON'S TREASURY
          Fancy and magic jewelry, various gems and minerals. Detailed information about different gems and minerals, historical facts about precious pendants and a large selection of jewelry.

          [web site]A-Z PERSONALIZED WIRE NAMES
          Handmade wire jewelry with silver or gold-filled wire, elegant letters and nice handwriting.

          [web site]ANDONIAS JEWELLERY
          Gemstone jewelry. Torquoise, corals, jades, amazonite, onyx, bead strands.

          [web site]ANGELA FROUD JEWELRY
          Gallery of handmade silver jewelry, with old and new glass beads, gemstones and silver beads. Australia.

          [web site]ARGYLE DIAMONDS
          Tension set engagement rings, tension set rings, argyle pink diamonds, mokume gane rings.

          Handmade jewelry handcrafted in unique jewelry themes including animal jewelry and Native American jewelry on handmade bracelets, handmade earrings.

          [web site]ART SPA
          One-of-a-kind handmade clay pendant necklaces embraced with semi precious stones.

          [web site]AUSTRALIAN DIAMONDS
          Colored diamond, black diamond, pink diamond, white diamond, yellow diamond.

          [web site]AZULISKYE.COM/CATHYHALL
          Unique sterling silver jewelry made with saworski crystals and glass beads.

          Earrings for pierced or unpierced ears. Uniquely secure, elegant and oh so comfortable patented HOOK design.

          [web site] THE BEADED BRAIN
          Beaded and wire wrapped jewelry and Zen Gardens.

          [web site]BEAD NECKLACES BY MUDIT
          Handmade bead necklaces made by real gemstones and glass, wood etc.

          Handmade beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings, featuring handcrafted artists beads, Swarovski crystals and Bali sterling silver. One of a kind designs.

          [web site]BEADING-CAT CREATIONS
          Unique and versatile styling in beaded jewelry. Designer necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets with a diversity of material used including crystals, ceramics, sterling silver, bali and thailand silver, semi-precious stones, czech glass, lampwork, dicho, fused glass, bone, horn and cloisonne beads.

          [web site]THE BEADING ROOM
          Canadian online source for beads and beading supplies. Great beads, great prices.

          [web site]BEADING DESIGN JEWELRY
          A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handmade bead jewelry.

          [web site]THE BEAD TRADERS
          Semi precious beads, freshwater pearls, wholesale gemstone beads, turquoise beads and much more.

          An eclectic selection of unique handcrafted beaded jewelry & gift items designed by artisan Judith Nelson. Custom orders welcome.

          [web site]BEADAGE BEADING TIPS
          Learn to make handcrafted jewelry with our free beading instructions, information, and projects. Hemp/macrame, wirework, tigertail, gemstone info, and more.

          [web site]BEADED JEWELRY BY RENEE
          Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, birthstone, Christian and holiday jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones, crystals, pearls, lampwork glass and more.

          [web site]BEADS DIRECT LTD
          Semi precious gemstone beads, Swarovski Elements, shamballa style beads, glass beads and more for jewellery makers and crafters alike.

          [web site]BERNARDINE ART JEWELRY
          Handcrafted one of a kind art jewelry in silver, gold and exotic gemstones.

          [web site]BIIJOU
          Fresh water pearls, semi precious stones, costume jewelry.

          [web site] BIJOUXX BEADS
          Beaded handcrafted jewelry.

          [web site]BLACKBIRD DESIGN STUDIO
          Original hand-crafted stained glass jewelry. All unique and one of a kind pendants & brooches.

          [web site] BLISS STAMPED JEWELRY
          Personalized, custom, hand-stamped jewelry.

          [web site]BLUE WATER DESIGNS
          Collage jewelry and accessories made from collectible buttons and other collectible items. Included are pins, bracelets, barrettes, chokers, button covers and napkin rings.

          [web site]BMARIE
          Designer jewelry, one of a kind, silver with semi-precious stones.

          [web site]BLACK BROOK SHOP
          Handcrafted jewelry and fishing lures.

          [web site]BLISS POINT CREATIONS
          Beautiful and unique handmade polymer clay jewelry and gift items.

          [web site]BLUE MARGARITA METAL
          Handmade with a focus on minimal, simple, contemporary designs, every jewelry item is lovingly created to add a bit more beauty to your life.

          [web site]BOHEM UNIQUE GEMS
          Unique handmade jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones imported from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey mixed with thousands of years of culture.

          A family run business with over 30 years of devotion and experience in the diamond jewelry industry.

          [web site]BUDDHA WOOL MALA
          Hand knotted colorful wool beads.

          [web site]BYRD DESIGNS
          Antique replicated hair accessories and jewelry you can't live without.

          Sterling wire wrapped rosaries, chaplets and jewelry featuring semi precious gemstones and Bali silver. New items added every month.

          [web site]CANNJEWELRYDESIGNS
          Handmade jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more.

          Simple yet elegant handmade sterling silver jewelry from Maine. Custom designs welcome and encouraged.

          [web site]CASTO CREATIONS
          Handmade jewelry using gemstones, glass, crystal, sterling, fine silver, and gold.

          [web site]CATHY HILL JEWELRY
          Handmade, beaded jewelry using glass beads, gemstones, crystals, lucite, and more. Designs appropriate for professional settings as well as casual or evening attire.

          [web site]CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY
          Hand crafted, unique jewelry made from wire and semi-precious stones.

          [web site]CHAINMAIL & MORE
          Renaissance faire-type fashions, accessories and Gothic jewelry in metal.

          [web site]CHAKRAS 4 AUTISM
          Offering organic handmade jewelry. All products incorporate the genuine Chakra gemstones and are authentic designs. Our primary goal is to create Autism Awareness & acceptance by donating 10% of our profits to three different Autism Charities.

          [web site]CHAR'S DESIGNS
          Designer art jewelry in Gold, Silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Absolutely individual styling in jewelry and wearable art.

          [web site]CHAYA STUDIO
          Handcrafted Jewelry from Portland, Maine. Made with gold, diamonds, colored stoned and sterling silver.

          [web site] CHERYL PARROTT JEWELRY
          Beaded nature jewelry and bridal jewelry that is elegant to casual, nature inspired, whimsical and a wee bit classy using a twisted wire technique.

          [web site]CHIME DESIGNS
          Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items handcrafted from recycled drum cymbals.

          [web site]CHRIS PLOOF STUDIO
          Original wedding bands and one of a kind custom jewelry made with of some of the most beautiful materials on the planet. Designs include Mokume Gane, Meteorite iron, and damascus steel.

          [web site]CHUBBY CHICO CHARMS
          Large variety of charms for all your craft and jewelry making needs.

          [web site]CJ BEADERS
          Supplier of Beadalon, Czech Beads, Miyuki, ImpressArt and other beading supplies.

          [web site]CLASS ACT DESIGNS
          Hand-dyed silk ribbons used for making jewelry & hand wraps.

          [web site]CLOVERS ONLINE
          Jewelry made from genuine four leaf clovers.

          [web site] COPPER REFLECTIONS
          Beautiful handmade jewelry created from copper in animal, western, wildlife and Native American designs.

          [web site]COSMIQUERY
          Cosmic-themed jewelry, gifts and accessories, including magnets, keychains, pins, buttons, cufflinks, and more.

          [web site]COUNTIN STARS
          Handmade jewelry, wire wrapped crystals, handpainted dragon eye pendants and bracelets, runestones and more.

          [web site]COUPLE'S JEWELRY SETS
          High-quality couples jewelry sets.

          [web site]CREATION DYAN
          Simple, graceful jewelry made with Swarovski pearls and crystals, a rainbow of seed beads and lamp beads. Will create your one-of-a-kind piece for you.

          [web site]CREATIONS BY DEBI
          Original wine cork jewelry, home accessories, funky vintage pieces, hippie chick jewelry too.

          [web site]CREATIONS BY LISA & COMPANY
          Handmade artisan jewelry featuring handmade artisan lampwork beads, gemstones, crystals and pearls.

          [web site]CREATIVE BEAD DESIGNS
          Original handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings made with semiprecious gemstone and sterling silver.

          [web site]CREATIVE HABITS
          Custom artisan jewelry specializing in natural semi-precious stones: turquoise, drusy, amethyst, pearls, agate, jasper and more. We specialize in unique, hand-crafted sterling silver pendants.

          Creative jewelry and greeting cards. Also calligraphy for invitations, plaques and so forth.

          [web site]CRYSTAL AGE
          We offer crystal & gemstone jewellery and healing stones online and by request worldwide.

          [web site]CRYSTALIFE
          Handmade gemstone jewellery and alternative therapies that are in harmony with nature. Gemstones, herbal remedies, dietary advice and energetic healing methods such as reiki.

          [web site] CRYSTAL COMBINATIONS
          Handmade jewellery, made from semi precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals and pearls.

          [web site]DAZELLI JEWELLERY
          A range of jewellery gifts for men, women and children including handmade crystal glass necklace, bracelets and earrings. All items come with a free gift box.

          [web site] DEBDESIGNZ
          Handstamped jewelry and gifts.

          [web site]DEBORAH OLAGUE MOKUME
          Mokume gane bands handcrafted from precious metals.

          [web site]DESERT BLOOM DESIGNS
          Handmade lampworked beads and unique handcrafted art jewelry.

          [web site] DESIGNED BY IVANA
          Handmade beaded jewelry, featuring crystals, pearls, charms, and more. All nickel-free.

          [web site]DESIGNS BY CHE
          Handmade beaded jewelry, crafts, dreamcatchers, windchimes and designs.

          [web site]DESIGN RENATHE SCHNEIDER
          Unique hand crafted plastic jewelry made by Swedish designer.

          [web site]DIANE MILLER DESIGNS
          Sterling Silver Symbology charms, original art by artist Zana Clark. Handmade beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Featuring Swarovski crystals and handmade one-of-a-kind dichroic glass beads, cabochons and pendants.

          [web site]D & L DESIGNS 4 U
          Hand stamped jewelry including hidden message bracelets, hand stamped vintage flatware and gifts.

          [web site]DHARMA VIBES STORE
          Handmade dharma necklaces, buddha bracelets, mandala tapestry.

          [web site]DRAGONWEAVE JEWELRY
          Handmade gothic chainmail chokers, stunning sterling silver, Austrian crystal and Czech glass original creations.

          [web site]EARRINGS GALORE
          Handmade beaded earrings made with fabulous cloisonné, elegant glass & crystals, hand painted ceramics, adorable charms and all your favorite gemstones.

          [web site]"EARTH STONE INC"
          A leading manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporter of natural colored gemstones and beads.

          [web site]ELECTRIC SNAILZ
          Handmade necklaces, beads, and pendants.

          [web site]ELUNA JEWELRY DESIGNS
          Handmade jewelry made with sterling silver, copper, gold fill and gemstones.

          [web site] EMITATIONS
          Great clip on earrings, which can be used in a variety of different crafting and DIY projects. From shoe clips to wall art, the possibilities are endless.

          [web site]ENGRAVING MASTER SERIES
          Hand engraving instruction. European trained Master Engraver teaches comprehensive course. 14 dvds. Beginners - advanced.

          Handmade chain maille, earrings, braceletsand much more.

          [web site]FINOLA JEWELRY
          Handmade, and one-of-a-kind bohemian jewelry crafted in Cincinnati, Ohio. Made with hypoallergenic and ethically sourced materials only.

          [web site]FIREFLY GLASS DESIGN
          Fused dichroic glass pendants, earrings, bracelets, barrettes, rings, and pins.

          [web site]FIRENZE JEWELS
          Fine diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Situated in the heart of the New York Diamond District.

          [web site] FOLKS WITH PENS SOLUTIONS
          African handmade beaded jewelry, leather sandals, sisal baskets, and Ankara print household accessories.

          [web site]FORKTIP JEWELLERS
          Custom made jewellery with colored diamonds and gemstones.

          [web site]FUN CO. 2
          Collectable jewelry handcrafted from old American silver and copper coins.

          Original wearable art glass by Sedona Artist Karen Puckett.

          Orginal handcrafted designer necklaces, bracelets, anklets, chandelier earrings in gold, silver, gemstones and Pearls. Bridal suites a specialty.

          [web site] GEM FASHION CUSTOM JEWLRY
          Personalized corporate logo jewelry.

          [web site]GEMINI DESIGN JEWELRY
          Original custom designed jewelry featuring precious metals and natural stones. Designed and executed in our home studio. 35 years as a metals artist specialzing in organic, scultural wearable art.

          Wire wrapped sterling silver jewelry, Maine themed jewelry, and more.

          [web site]GEMVARA
          Design completely customized jewelry with Gemvara's unique online jewelry design system.

          Handmade vintage inspired jewelry combining layered filigree designs with the art of medieval Celtic chain maille.

          [web site]GET PERSONALIZED JEWELRY
          Personalized jewelry, monogram necklace, monogram bracelet, monogrammed rings.

          [web site] GIFTS OF HOPE FAMILY STORE
          An inspirational non-profit hand-crafted jewelry and decorative arts shop offering unique products for adults, young adults, and teens.

          [web site]GIFTEDHANDS
          Handmade beaded jewerly, beaded bridal jewerly, beaded accessories for home and/or gift giving.

          [web site]GLASSFANCY & VISIONS IN GLASS
          Eye-catching contemporary fused glass jewelry.

          [web site]A GLASSY LADY
          Wire wrapped pendent jewelry.

          [web site]THE GLITTER SHOP
          Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones, Sterling silver. Earrings necklaces bracelets

          [web site]GOLDFINCH JEWELERS
          Handmade wire sculpture and wire wrapped jewelry from precious gems.

          [web site]GROUND ZERO CREATIONS
          Wire wrapped and paper bead jewelry, handmade paper rollers, precut paper strips, unique wine glass charms.

          [web site] GYPSY GRRL JEWELRY
          Sexy and eclectic OOAK handmade jewelry with the boho chic spirit in mind.

          [web site]HAMMERED BY WENDY
          Hand crafted, unique, one of a kind and limited edition jewelry.

          A variety of distinctive one-of-a-kind and limited-edition handcrafted fine jewelry and gemstone collections for both men and women by San Francisco jewelry designer John S. Brana.

          Handcrafted silver jewelry featuring rings, pendants, earrings, barrettes and much more.

          [web site] HANDMADE BAUBLES
          Beautiful handmade jewelry crafted in sterling silver and natural stones.

          [web site]HANDMADE CREATIONS
          Handmade gifts for you or someone special. Holiday and everyday.

          Fashion jewelry supplier near Petworth providing handmade costume jewellery, semi precious handmade beaded necklaces and jewellery.

          [web site] HATHORWAY
          Handmade buffalo horn jewelry.

          Beaded necklaces and earrings handcrafted using Austrian crystal, Czech glass, semi-precious stones, pewter and precious metals. Style galleries include ethnic, romantic, contemporary and fantasy designs.

          [web site]HENDEL JEWELRY
          Wearable art jewelry using semiprecious and precious stones, original designs in fine and sterling silver, gold, pearls and other materials in unique ways.

          [web site]HAWK AND OWL
          Custom silver jewelry and cut stone.

          [web site]HIGH DESERT CREATIONS
          A leading designer of bead arts, and a combination of country & western accents.

          [web site]HL SEA AND BEACH GLASS JEWELRY
          Handcrafted and professionally drilled, genuine sea glass jewelry.

          [web site]HODGEPODGERIE
          Unique handcrafted artisan jewelry by Stacy Perry, jewelry making tutorials and pure copper beads and findings.

          [web site]HOOK BEAD & WIRE
          Crocheted wire and bead jewelry, crafted with glass and metal beads and genuine semi-precious gemstones.

          [web site]HOUSE OF ATON
          A large variety of crystal & gemstone jewellery and healing stones online.

          [web site]IDREAM JEWELRY
          Offering matching couples jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets and keychains at everyday low prices.

          [web site]IMENS JEWELRY
          A large and varied collection of couple's matching his and hers jewelry sets.

          Unusual artisan jewelry featuring knitted, crocheted and woven wire sculpture in sterling silver, gold and copper with semiprecious stones.

          [web site]INFINITY COLLECTION
          Custom bracelets and jewelry for every occassion.

          [web site]INTERCOLLECTION
          Wholesalers of jewellery for men and women including eyebrow bars, fake expanders, ear studs and huggies . Established in 1991.

          [web site]INTERNATIONAL CRAFT
          Jewellery making supplies including gemstone beads, gemstone cabochons, Swarovski beads, glass beads, jewellery findings and jewellery making tools.

          [web site]JAMES BINNION METAL ARTS
          Rings and other jewelry made with Mokume Gane (wood grain metal) in unique patterns which combine yellow, red and white golds and sterling silver.

          [web site]JANELIUNAS JEWELRY
          A nostalgic collection of antique reproduction jewelry, antique, Victorian, vintage estate, filigree jewelry and accessories. Findings, replacement stones and jewelry parts for crafters and jewelers.

          A full-service, ethical and eco-friendly jewelry studio specializing in handmade engagement rings, unique wedding rings and gemstone jewelry emanating from morally-conscious pure resourcing.

          [web site]JDS GEMS
          Unique, affordable handcrafted jewelry using semi-precious gemstones.

          [web site]JEWELLOG.COM
          Unique handmade jewelry from all over the world, featuring art wear such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY COLLEEN MARIE
          Specializing in natural sea glass jewelry.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY JENNIFER CASADY
          Jewelry designed and hand crafted with gemstones and sterling silver.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY L. A. WILSON
          Bits and Pieces, mixed media assemblage jewelry.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY JERRY LOGAN
          Custom jewelry made of combinations of copper, silver, gold and semi-precious stones.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY LINDA
          Contemporary design with a vintage flair; gold-filled and sterling silver.

          [web site]JEWELRY BY VARVARA
          Original seed bead jewelry embellished with gemstones.

          [web site]THE JEWELRY LINK
          Artisan designed and crafted jewelry using quality materials.

          [web site]JEWELRY MAKING PROFESSOR
          Jewelry making videos for both beginners and advanced jewelry artists. Videos available both online and DVD.

          [web site]JEWELRYMINE.COM
          A designer collection of handcrafted natural brass Victorian jewelry.

          [web site]JEWELS BY JULES
          Unique sterling silver wire wrapped jewelry made with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls, and Thai & Bali silver by Jodi L. Bombardier.

          [web site]JEWELSPAN
          Completer website packages for jewelers. Low ost, easy to manage, high traffic. Become a member today, be online tonight.

          [web site]JEWELRY MOTHERS
          Shop jewelry for mothers from bracelets, rings and necklaces.

          Pearls, gems and jewels.

          [web site]JG BEADED JEWLERY
          Handcrafted jewelry, crystal suncatchers, crystal car decorations and unique gifts.

          Handcrafted artisan jewelry made with unique handcut stones, sterling, and 14k gold

          [web site]JOAN MILLER PORCELAIN
          Handmade colored porcelain jewelry and decorative wall pieces by artist, Joan Miller. Emphasis on fish, insect and natural motifs.

          [web site]JODY'S JEWELRY AND CRAFTS
          Original design artisan jewelry, crafts and gifts made from genuine gemstones, authentic Swarovski crystals and Strass Swarovski crystal prisms, freshwater pearls and glass pearls.

          [web site]JPS JEWELRY DESIGNS
          American Pride bracelets and rings, bracelets, childrens jewelry, eyeglass necklaces, fashion necklaces, long necklaces, pearl necklaces, twister necklaces, stretch bracelets and stretch rings.

          [web site] KEEPSAKE CRAFT AND MORE
          Local artist in Clermont, FL. Acrylic painting, specialty crochet, Tibetan Buddhist rosaries, jewelry, and more.

          [web site]KELLEY LOVE DESIGNS
          Handcrafted beaded bracelets and necklaces using genuine gemstones and cool charms. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

          A new jewelry experience. Truly collectible, handmade, one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces by designer Kenneth Fron.

          [web site]LILLIANDER'S RING
          Handmade accessories.

          [web site]KJOIA JEWELRY
          Original designs from eccentric charms and vintage glass beads.

          [web site] KRAFTYARTHUB
          Centre for handmade creations.

          [web site]KRISTA'S KORNER
          Unique Artisan Jewelry Featuring Lampwork, Bali, & Gemstone Beads Wrapped In Sterling And Fine Silver Wire.

          [web site]KUCHI TRIBAL JEWELRY
          Afghan kuchi tribal jewelry to gypsy people, tribal fusion belly dancers, nomad peoples.

          [web site]LADY RAINE'S CHARMS & MORE
          Artisan wire work pendants, Italian Charms, polymer clay cuff bracelets and much more. All pendants, bracelets, and wire work is one-of-a-kind work.

          [web site]LALOLA TREASURES
          Handmade Chainmaille jewelry, wire and beaded jewelry.

          [web site] LAPIGEMS GEM COMPANY
          Exquisite handmade jewelry by designer Sheelagh Zagoritis. Custom hand set by our master goldsmith using the ancient techniques - no casting.

          [web site]LAURA ANNE DESIGNS
          One of a kind, unique, original handmade beaded jewelry necklaces & bracelet designs.

          [web site]LAUREL CLARK DESIGNS
          Unique designer jewelry fashioned from vintage beads and crystals. Custom designs undertaken.

          [web site]LEELEEKO JEWELRY
          Unique handcrafted gemstone wirework designs for men and women. Including dichroic glass, fossil jewelry, gemstone cabochons, macramé knotted jewelry, pearl jewelry, original design pendant brooch converters, detachable donut bails.

          [web site] L. HUFFMAN STUDIOS
          Handcrafted kiln-formed dichroic glass pendants, earrings & artistic glass art.

          [web site]LIMOGES JEWELRY
          Offers a large selection of personalized gold and silver gemstone and diamond jewelry.

          Lampworked bead, fused glass, cz and simulated gemstones, African ceramic bead, pearl and gemstone bead handmade jewelry.

          [web site]LIZARD'S JEWELRY
          One of a kind handcrafted jewelry by artist Liz Hall. Little pieces of art; silver and gold pendants, earrings and other adornments with unique stones and designs.

          [web site] LOVE IN CHIC
          Fashion monogram necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other personalized jewelry.

          [web site]LUVMI BEADS
          Wholesale beads, components & findings.

          [web site]LUXE DESIGN
          Truly unique sterling silver jewelry handmade in Canada. Our line includes necklaces, earrings and for the pierced belly button, belly jewels.

          [web site]MAC DESIGN
          Engrave your name, or the names of your loved ones, your favorite quote or the reproduction of a drawing of your choice on a precious metal... The piece which you will have ordered will be unique.

          [web site]MADHUNT JEWELRY
          Modern, avant-garde one-of-a-kind jewelry created with precious materials and often including recycled or common elements.

          [web site] MADMAC DESIGNS
          Glamorous, fun, affordable jewellery.

          [web site]MAIDSTONE JEWELRY
          Jewelry made with beach stones, precious and semi-precious stones, silver and gold.

          Handmade jewelelry created from semi-precious stones, unique and limited edition earring, bracelet and necklace designs.

          [web site]MALL OF STYLE
          Online fashion jewelry store with trendy jewelry & fashion accessories.

          [web site] MAINLYSILVER
          Online wholesale jewellery store offering a wide range of 925 sterling silver designs.

          [web site] MANZANITAARTDESIGN
          Manzanita wood and metal jewelry.

          Magnetic jewelry, tripple scented candles, glycerin soap.

          [web site]MARCUS BERKNER JEWELRY
          Handcrafted sterling silver, pearl, gemstone and crystal beaded jewelry. Specializing in petite to plus size bracelets, anklets and necklaces.

          [web site]MARJO SILVER
          Wholesale jewellery suppliers based in the UK, Marjo Silver specialise in silver jewellery and we offer the largest range of natural gemstone and silver products including earrings, bracelets or pendants.

          Beautiful hand-bedazzled cell phone cases to fit any make/brand of cell phone. Also matching mirror compacts and accessories.

          [web site]MARGIE'S NATURAL JEWELS
          Natural gemstone jewelry, made with handmade chains and hammered metals. Copper, brass, aluminum, sterling silver and gemstones like turquoise, tiger's eye, jade, dragon's vein agate, etc. . .

          [web site]MARI M. ART & CRAFT
          Jewelry, bags and adornments made from scratch with upcycled materials; paper, plastic, cloth, etc. Paintings on canvas, drawings.

          Handmade, original jewelry designs made of the finest materials.

          [web site]MARGIE'S NATURAL JEWELS
          Handmade jewelry using natural gemstones, crystals, wood, fabric & fibers, job's tear seeds, copper, brass, aluminum, sterling silver, and other natural materials.

          [web site]MARY'S JEWELRY
          Handcrafted ceramic jewelry, made in Maine.

          Custom handmade pet portrait memorial jewelry in high quality 925 sterling silver. Pet portrait necklace, keychain and bracelet.

          [web site]MILADY JEWELS
          Medieval to modern reasonably priced renditions of extravagant jewelry for the neck, wrist, and ears aimed toward Renaissance fair play-trons, SCA folk and others.

          [web site]MILL CITY MADE
          Beautiful handcrafted jewelry, for every occasion.

          [web site]MOKUME GANE RINGS
          Mokume Gane is a very old Japanese metal working technique which was commonly used to make swords. The blending of two different metals would help give swords the appropriate flex, strength and durability that the use of just one type of metal on its own would not achieve.

          [web site] MOON GODDESS DESIGNS
          Handcrafted gemstone jewelry, wire wrapped gemstones, gemstone bracelets and earrings.

          [web site]MORIARTY'S PROMISE JEWELRY
          Sterling silver, gold and platinum promise rings set with Diamonds and gemstones.

          [web site]MOTHERS JEWELRY
          Large selection of mother's jewelry including rings and pendants set in gold and platinum metals.

          [web site]MPDESIGNS JEWELRY
          Unique artisan beaded jewelry designs, eclectic mix of styles...weddings, children, custom orders, guitar picks jewelry, purse charms, bookmarks, phone charms, Beaded Purses.

          [web site]MYSTIC ANGEL CREATIONS
          Unique handcrafted jewelry created with artisan-quality materials.

          [web site]MYSTIC MERCHANT
          Source for hand made jewelry, gem stones, crystals, pendants, talisman, amulets, earrings and more.

          [web site]MYWIREWORKS
          Handcrafted wire-wrapped jewelry and other wire-made gift items.

          [web site]NANCY'S CREATIONS
          Handmade Jewelry in classic and modern designs.

          [web site]NATALIE K
          Jewelry designer that specializes in engagement rings and fine diamond jewelry.

          [web site]NATURE TO FUTURE
          Carved runes, necklaces and clay jewelry.

          [web site]NBEADS
          Wholesale jewelry making supplies; beads, charms, findings, stringing materials, jewelry tools, etc.

          [web site]NO EASY BEADS
          Accents for your attire: New Orleans style jewelry with natural and semi-precious stones.

          [web site]ORIGINAL CREATIONS
          Handcrafted wire wrap jewelry using sterling silver and gold-filled wire. Also, beautiful gemstone tree sculptures and candle rings using genuine semi precious gemstones.

          [web site]OTIS B GEMSTONE JEWELRY
          Handcrafted semi-precious gemstone accessories of fine sterling silver and gold. Classically feminine and chic creations that are elegant yet wearable everyday.

          [web site]OVER THE MOON JEWELRY
          Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry made with pearls and gemstones.

          [web site]OXALIS JEWELART
          Handmade, fine silver components (often nature inspired), combined with semi-precious stones to create wearable art.

          [web site]PACIFIC JEWELRY DESIGNS
          Exquisite and unique beaded jewelry artisan handcrafted to be affordable elegance in wearable art.

          [web site]PARAIBA INTERNATIONAL
          Loose tanzanite, ruby, emerald, sapphire and other gemstones, as well as rings and other jewelry.

          [web site]PARRISH RELICS
          Gothic handcrafted jewelry, amulets and ornaments.

          [web site]PATRICIA KIMLE DESIGNS
          Fine craft jewelry and home decorating items created with polymer clay.

          [web site] PEACE, LOVE & POLYMER CLAY
          Polymer clay tutorials, information, polymer clay ideas, and polymer clay items.

          Wholesale Supplies to make photo jewelry, photo charms, pendants, kits.

          [web site]PINK DESIGN JEWELRY
          Unique, one of a kind, handmade sterling and gemstone jewelry.

          [web site]POISON IVY'S EXOTICS
          Pewter, bead and leather necklaces.

          [web site]PRAYER BOXES
          A wealth of information about the prayer box traditions found in the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Hindu faiths.

          [web site]PROSSACK DESIGNS
          Jewelry for your body, your life, and your home. Unique pieces from marbled paper with a stained glass appearance.

          [web site] P.S.W. MINERAL DESIGNS
          One of a kind mineral & gemstone jewelry

          [web site]PSYCHE CREMATION JEWELRY
          A glass artist with 15+ years experience respectfully transforms your loved one's ashes into custom hand blown glass cremation pendants, marbles, touchstones, and more.

          Purple Passion Enterprises specializes in beautiful handmade jewelry featuring dazzling Swarovski crystal, Swarovski crystal pearls and Czech fire-polished glass beads.

          [web site]QUALITY JEWELRY DESIGNS
          Beautifully handcrafted chainmaille jewelry. Created one ring at a time.

          [web site]RAM JEWELRY DESIGNS
          One-of-a-kind handcrafted, beaded jewelry, featuring recycled glass, ceramics, gemstones, and precious metals from throughout the world.

          [web site]REAL HOUSEWIFE JEWELRY
          Handmade jewelry made with beautiful gemstones.

          [web site]REBS WEEKEND ART
          Handmade jewelry using stones, chains, crystals and imagination. Other items scarves, necklaces, earring bracelets.

          Handcrafted wire and gemstone jewelry: beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, name jewelry, pendants, rings, rosaries, & custom orders.

          [web site]RHEA'S RENDERINGS
          Beautiful handmade jewelry and gifts.

          [web site]RIVERCAT DESIGNS
          Handcrafted jewelry for men and women incorporating inspirational word art, gemstones, glass, silver, copper and unique elements.

          [web site]SACRED EARTH JEWELRY
          Artisan handcrafted gemstone jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are handcrafted from fine semi-precious gemstones and silver.

          [web site]SANGUINTINE
          Handmade wearable art. Earrings, necklace, rings and plugs made from natural stones, pearls, wood, wire, and polymer clay.

          [web site]SCRIPT CRAFT
          Handmade, personalized square wire jewelry.

          Hand-crafted Christian jewelry based on scripture.

          Natural Hawaiian shell jewelry. Handmade and crafted from raw shells embelished with crystals.

          [web site] SHERLANDI'S JEWELS
          Gorgeous handmade jewelry made from elegant beads and precious gemstones all with a unique design.

          [web site]SHINYHAPPYDANGLES
          Handwoven unique chainmaille jewelry, made using ancient patterns.

          [web site] SHOWEJEWELRY
          Custom designed rings and accessories.

          [web site]SHPANGLE JEWELLERY
          Specializing in the preservation of items within handmade keepsake jewelry and gifts.

          [web site]SIERRA LOTUS DESIGN
          Unique creative designs in both native woods and semiprecious gemstones woven with sterling silver creating one-of-a-kind artwork for the individual with a modern sense of style.

          [web site]SILVER SEA JEWELRY
          Handmade silver and gold jewelry: Organic forms inspired by west coast flora and fauna.

          [web site] SILVER TREASURES
          Personalized keepsake sterling silver jewelry, using babies and kids actual fingerprints, actual paw prints, names, messages or compass coordinates, stamped or hand engraved.

          [web site] SILVERWHIMSIES JEWELRY
          Handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry incorporating 14K Gold, sea glass and semi precious stones.

          [web site]SILVER WILLOW STUDIO
          Beautiful sculptured pendants created from sterling silver or gold-filled wire, wrapped around natural stones.

          [web site]SILVERWORK.COM
          Jewelry handcrafted from silverplated spoons and forks.

          [web site]SNAKEARSDESIGN
          Custom made classic jewelry with the occasional modern twist.

          [web site]SOLI CREATIONS JEWELRY
          Hand made beaded jewelry. Hand crafted one of a kind bracelets, earrings, and necklaces crafted with unique gemstones, sterling silver, brass, gold filled metal and handmade lampwork and borosilicate beads. wholesale jewelry and fine art prints.

          [web site]SOLSTICE GLASS
          Unique hand blown glass jewelry by Mark Hamilton, a lampworker with 5 years experience crafting original wearable art glass designs.

          [web site]SONIASIMAGINATION
          Handmade affordable jewelry.

          [web site]SORELLA JEWELRY STUDIO
          Hand-crafted custom personalized jewelry.

          [web site]SOUTHERN CHARM COMPANY-
          Broken China Jewelry, soldered art with vintage ephemera, imaginative creations.

          [web site]SOUTHERN SPARKLE
          Handcrafted jewelry -Swarovski crystal, sterling silver, freshwater pearls,and semi-precious stones.

          Hand fabricated jewelry, boxes and functional sculpture made from silver, iron and stones.

          [web site]SPIDERCHAIN JEWELRY
          Delicate and detailed custom chainmail jewelry. Unique designs and highest quality materials.

          [web site]SPIRIT JEWELS
          Spiritually inspired affirmation jewelry.

          Affordable and high quality fine jewelry.

          Handmade gold and silver wire jewelry with gemstones.

          [web site] STONE MANIA
          Ladies gemstone pendants hand crafted in sterling silver.

          [web site]STONES-N-BONES
          A fine collection of bone carvings cast in silver and gold. Limited edition series, hummingbirds, butterflies, wizards and dragons.

          [web site]STONESANDSILVER.CO.UK
          Silver and semi precious stone jewellery, made and selected by a UK silversmith.

          Creating what you want in gold, platinum and silver.

          [web site] SUNCOAST GEMS
          A mother/daughter team that makes handmade jewelry out of natural stones and recycled glass.

          [web site]SUNRAE ARTWORKS
          Handcrafted wire art jewelry in gemstones, pmc, and polymer clay wrapped in sterling silver, gold-filled, or copper wire. Also wireworks for unique gifts, sculptures and home decor.

          [web site]SWEDART
          Handmade Sami reindeer leather bracelets from Lapland, Sweden, featuring braids of pewter and silver wire and antler buttons. Hard-to-find ethnic jewelry.

          [web site]TANZANITE JEWELRY
          Custom Tanzanite rings set in sterling silver, gold and platinum metals with Diamonds and other gemstones.

          [web site]TANZANITE
          Tanzanite jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.

          Fresh funky costume jewelry & earrings, indie, boho, kitsch, rockabilly, teacher, punk, raver, gothic, biker, pirate, retro, vintage, fettish, hippie, psychobilly, diva, DIY, crafts creations.

          [web site]TIKANCHAY
          .950 sterling silver jewelry handcrafted by artisans in Peru. Including Amazonian butterfly wing jewelry, Huayruro seed bracelets, hand-carved gourd pendants, hand-painted ceramic necklaces, and more.

          [web site] TIMELESS MAIDEN
          Unique inspirational handmade jewelry, timeless wallet insert keepsake cards and gifts.

          [web site]TIMELY JEWELS.COM
          Jewelry designed with originality and crafted by hand in California.

          [web site]TINKERS W'AT KNOTS
          Handcrafted jewelry with a prodominately Southwestern feel. Also, plains medicine bags with peyote stiching.

          [web site] TOP TANZANITE
          An extensive collection of tanzanite gemstones, tanzanite gold, silver and diamond jewelry.

          [web site] TO THE NINES JEWELRY
          Artfully chic handmade jewelry at an affordable price.

          [web site]TRIBAL JEWELRY
          Tribal fusion jewelry.

          [web site]TRIBAL ZONE STUDIO
          Contemporary handmade silver and gold jewelry in limited editions and one-of-a-kind works which capture an essence of the primitive.

          Handcrafted Vintage Swarovski Crystal, gemstone, pearl & sterling silver jewelry, each piece a Victorian inspired, one of a kind original.

          Home crafted jewelry for casual or evening wear made with crystals, gems, glass and stones. Jewelry can be custom made for wedding, prom, or any special evening.

          [web site]TWO SISTER'S JEWEL BOX
          Beautiful hand crafted beaded bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

          [web site]UNIQUE MODEL ARTS
          Hand made jewelry.

          [web site]VALLEYLEA CRAFTS
          Handmade jewelry, but also some occasional knitted items and soaps.

          [web site]VINTAGE BUTTON BRACELETS
          Bracelets with a mix of vintage and new buttons and beads, so that each bracelet is one of a kind.

          [web site]VINTAGEMADEBYDUCKY
          Handmade exclusives including reconstructed high waisted shorts and unique accessories, all made with love.

          [web site]VIRGO MOON
          Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry for lovers of beads and stones.

          [web site]VITAL WONDERS
          Imaginative molten ice dichroic jewelry plus lavish therapeutic magnetic jewelry.

          [web site]WANDERGIRL JEWELRY
          14k gold layering necklaces and bracelets, long necklaces and personalized hand stamped jewelry.

          [web site] WARTICK RAVELS ON ETSY
          Beautiful handmade hemp jewelry, made from various colors of 100% natural hemp.

          [web site]WEDDING BANDS
          A full selection of wedding bands made with gold and platinum rings.

          Wendy Lee is a metalsmith/glassartist and loves to make jewelry with any medium she can get her hands on. Fused dichroic glass pendants, Sterling silver pendants set with handmade glass cabochons.

          [web site]WHITTY WIRE JEWELRY
          Handmade wire jewelry and items for the home.

          [web site] WINTER HILL JEWELRY
          Unique, funky, lightweight jewelry 3D printed in an eco-friendly plastic made from sugarcane and corn.

          [web site] WILLOW WOOD GIFTS
          Sterling silver and copper jewelry.

          [web site]WIREDANDWONDERFUL.COM
          Hand-made, wirewrapped jewelry.

          Creative and unique designs in handmade jewelry using genuine Sterling Silver, 14k Gold filled wire to wrap gemstones, pearls and beads into wearable work of art.

          [web site]WUBBERS
          Wubbers are the premier line of tools that are made to make jewelry. Wubbers were developed to provide great information and tools for people that love to make jewelry, and they provide the best jewelry pliers.

          [web site] YOGA JEWELRY
          Handmade yoga jewellery, semi precious gemstones necklaces.

          Curiosities, real facts, tips for buying diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

          [web site]YOUR NAME IN GOLD
          Wrapped gemstones, personalized pendants, bracelets, gold, silver, rings, charms and beads.

          [web site]YUMI CHEN DESIGNS
          Handmade jewelry featuring Venetian glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

          [web site] ZEN JEWELZ
          Handmade healing crystal jewelry created to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client.

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