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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---

          [Doll Crafts]
          Doll Crafts

          Select Doll Craft Books
          Doll Making Techniques,
          Doll Clothes, Doll Houses,
          Restoration, etc.

          Doll Making
          Discussion Group

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          [New] KISS REBORN
          One of the largest ranges of colored reborn dolls around the world including vinyl doll, silicone babies, mini baby dolls and other classic series.

          [web site]1MINIME BOBBLEHEADS
          High quality custom made bobble heads from your own image.

          [web site]ABOBBLEHEAD
          Custom Bobblehead from photo. Personalized Bobblehead for you or your love one.

          [web site]ADORABLE DOLL CLOTHES
          Adorable doll clothes and accessories. For dolls 7" to 24".

          [web site]BABY DOLLS
          The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online offers a wide selection of unique and exclusive collectible dolls - each one created with exquisite care, expert craftsmanship and quality that is unparalleled.

          [web site]BEAUTIFULDOLL.COM
          Best source for American Girl, Bitty Baby, and American Girl Doll clothes. In business since 1996 with the absolute latest fashions and trends - as well as some timeless favorites.

          [web site]BY DREAMA
          Quality doll clothes for the American Girl Doll, Gotz, Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins.

          [web site]CAB CREEK CRAFTS
          Handcrafted dolls and bears by Colleen. One-of-a-kind dolls made from your vintage linens.

          [web site] CHEAP BOBBLEHEADS
          Customized bobbleheads and other collectible bobbleheads.

          [web site] COUNTRY CUTIE BAG DOLLS
          Pretty way to store and dispense plastic grocery bags.

          Angels, scarecrows, hobos, rabbits and much more. All are unique and original.

          [web site] CREBOBBLE
          Specialized at creating custom bobblehead dolls with premium quality and best likeness.

          [web site]CROW MOUNTAIN DOLL HOUSE
          Original cloth dolls, cloth doll patterns and more.

          Custom bobbleheads made from your own photos, personalize your own doll.

          [web site]DANCIN DOLLS
          Handmade dance costumes and clothes for 18 inch dolls. Ready made costumes are available and custom orders are encouraged.

          [web site]THE DOLL NET
          Online doll community. Kezi Matthews cloth doll patterns. Online dollmaking classes, patterns, dollmaking supplies, more.

          [web site]THE DRAGON CHARMER
          Dragon sewing patterns, custom made dragons and Faery Foundlings, hand-dyed fabric and roving.

          Excellent quality handmade 18 inch doll clothes for American Girl dolls and Katie Effanbee dolls.

          A Huge selection of original designed cloth doll patterns and unique handmade collectible dolls.

          [web site]HAWAIIAN MENEHUNES
          Hawaiian collectible menehune dolls and cradles, authentic and originally designed. Individually handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawaii with incredible attention to detail creativity, inspiration, and love.

          [web site]HUGS AND STITCHES
          Handcrafted country dolls, angels, bears, Christmas items and more.

          Hand-painted and weighed play vinyl dolls, completely reborn to look and feel just like a real live baby. All have high qulaity glass eyes and mohair wigs. The finest doe-suede bodies, paints, and fiberfill. All babies wear high-end real new baby clothes.

          [web site]KARENS KOTTAGE
          Handmade doll's of every race, including handicap doll's. Each doll comes with a creation certificate and a signed bottom. Karens Kids come in the original 21" size or the new 16" size. Ready made doll's can be purchased instantly or custom order a doll.

          [web site]KAREN'S DOLL HOSPITAL
          Doll repairs and restorations.

          [web site]KISS REBORN
          One of the largest ranges of colored reborn dolls around the world including vinyl doll, silicone babies, mini baby dolls and other classic series.

          [web site]LADONNA'S DOLL EMPORIUM
          Porcelain doll kits, blanks and wigs.

          [web site]LADY HISTORY DOLLS
          Historical recreations for 18'' dolls and American Girl dolls.

          [web site]LIKENESSME DOLL
          Cheap custom bobblehead dolls. Free proofing until you are satisfied.

          [web site]NATION OF DOLLS
          We carry a variety of handmade dolls. Our line of handmade dolls include ethnic dolls from different countries dressed in their native attire. Countries include China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, and others.

          [web site]SEE-MORE WOODCRAFTS
          Afordable, handmade furniture for your American Girl or Magic Attic doll.

          [web site]STARTUM DOLLS & JEWELRY
          Original one-of-a-kind African American male and female dolls.

          [web site]STITCH 'N STUFF
          Offering one-of-a-kind original design cloth dolls.

          Whimsical art, BJD doll sales and online gallery by an award-winning dollmaker Tanya Abaimova.

          [web site]TINA'S TOTS
          Custom designed Look a like dolls, angel dolls, barnyard babies, Apple Valley dolls and kits.

          [web site]TENTS FOR DOLLS
          Patterns or finished tents to fit beenie-babies through 18" fashion dolls.

          [web site]WE LOVE DOLLS
          Dolls, doll kits, handmade doll clothing, doll furniture and accessories.

          [web site] YARNING 4 A HOME
          Customized handmade crochet dolls. Made with acrylic yarn, poly fiber fill and love.

          [web site]YOUR DOLL'S CLOSET
          OOAK or limited edition clothes and accessories to fit 18" dolls.

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