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          1. In what crafts is a Tjanting used?

          Wood Carving

          2. What is "Grog"??

          Silver filings
          Used dyebath
          Finely ground fired clay
          A type of canvas

          3. He is often called the Father of the American Arts & Crafts Movement.

          Sam Maloof
          Gustav Stickley
          Heinrich Kley
          Charles Tiffany

          4. What is "Cone 8"?

          A candle shape
          An embroidery stitch
          The tensile strength of hemp twine

          5. In what craft would you use a "Veiner"?

          Tie Dye
          Wood carving

          6. A "cartoon" is...

          A painting on drift wood
          A design for stained glass
          A stone rubbing
          A silk screen test print

          Got some suggestions for more crafts questions? E-mail me.