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          ---THE CRAFTS FAIR ONLINE---



          ---- Site Sponsor ----
          lynda.com online training tutorials

          Wood burnings, shadow boxes, paintings, glass etchings, custom work.

          Tea time teddy bear gifts and gift baskets. Child tea sets and tea time teddy bears, bride, soccer, princess, motorcycle, sleepy time, back pack and angel teddy bear all sold separately. Teddy bears are all jointed with voice boxes and come with birth certificates.

          [web site]ALPHA IMAGERY
          Hand crafted arrowhead displays and artwork.

          [web site]ALTOONA EXCHANGE
          Quality collectible rare coin replicas.

          [web site]AMERICAN SANTA
          Make your own large American Santa. Large and small porcelain faces and patterns.

          Fun and whimsical 3-D polymer clay framed wall art by a well known West Coast artist Anne Klocko.

          [web site]ART4FUN
          Illusion: painting which will trick your eyes.

          [web site]BETH'S ART & ILLUSTRATION STUDIO
          Oil paintings by Washington state artist Elizabeth Guizzetti.

          [web site]BLUEBERRY HILL
          Hand painted glassware for every season, collectible personalized glasses, porcelain ornaments just the way you'd like. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

          [web site]THE COUCH LADY
          Homemade Decorative Kleenex Box Covers.

          Keepsake Boxes to hold all your memories. Custom designs to fit your budget. Any event or occasion.

          [web site]DERIVED FROM NATURE
          Pertroglyphs, hand carved in stone.Wall hangings of wild life and ancient designs.

          [web site]EGGCENTRICITY
          Genuine chicken eggs, cut and decorated for holiday and special occasion themes.

          [web site]EGGSHELL ART
          Handmade batik (Ukrainian style) eggs, and eggshell jewelry.

          [web site]EGGSHELL MAGIC
          Hand-painted eggshell designs for all occasions.

          [web site]FAIRY TALE EGGS
          Handmade eggshell ornaments.

          [web site]THE GIFTMINE
          Distinctive and unique gifts of pewter figurines attached to natural mineral bases.

          [web site]GINI-MOORE.PIXELS.COM
          Photos of Flowers, Hawai’i and African Animals.

          [web site]HEIRLOOM EGGS
          Egg art by Gina and Carolyn: Real eggshell trinket boxes.

          [web site]HOLY HILL ART FARM
          Artists presenting their handmade goods in a natural setting

          [web site]JERSEY GIRL IS CRAFTY
          Vinyl projects, canvases, t-shirts, party favors, decals, etc.

          UK based leading animal sculptor. Bronze sculptures, bronze statues, equestrian bronzes, animal bronzes. etc.

          [web site]J & D RICHARDSON PHOTOGRAPHY
          Limited edition photographs of Memphis and Tennessee locations. "Just a Minute" series miniature photos matted to 5 x 7.

          [web site] KAIANNA KREATIONS
          String Art.

          [web site] KEYBAGSPHONES-CHARMS
          Hand made leather key chains, bag charms & coin bags.

          [web site]KHAN IMPORTS
          Unique, handcrafted natural stone and marble gifts, decorative accessories and wildlife sculptures.

          [web site]LEELEES CREATIONS
          Fake cakes and pretend foods.

          [web site]MAGIC HANDS CREATIONS
          All type of crafts.

          [web site] MAU LOA EXPRESSIONS
          Wood burnings, shadow boxes, paintings, glass etchings, custom work.

          [web site]MICHELLE'S CLAY CORNER
          Handmade polymer clay figurines, cake toppers and collectibles.

          [web site]MONDE MOSAIC
          Monde Mosaic supply art prints, canvas art, framed art prints, printed hoodies and a range of art gifts.

          [web site]NEW YORK CARVER
          Visit the shop to discover original brick carvings in Gothic and Celtic design.

          [web site] OWNETIC - COLLECTOR'S WEBSITE
          Website for collectors where people can share their handmade and craft collectibles.

          [web site]PHOTOGRAPHS OF OLD AMERICA
          Custom printed historical photographs with a wide range of subjects including, San Francisco, New York City, dancers, jazz musicians, sports,etc.

          A complete line of collectible marionettes and puppets.

          Hand etched Scrimshaw on naturalmaterials.

          [web site]SHELLS BY LOIS
          Many lovely shell creations by Lois. Most of the seashell creations are one of a kind and all of them are made with love.

          [web site]SILVA FOX ARTISTRY
          Fine art in leather. One of a kind paintings, photo albums, beautiful gifts for 3rd Anniversaries made to order.

          [web site]SIRIUS COYOTE
          Handcrafted ethnic musical instruments; drums, rattles, strings, unusual instruments of precolumbian origins, from an ensemble of talented musicians.

          [web site]SOME THINGS KRULL MADE
          Machined boxes and other items that can be personalized to make one of a kind gifts or keepsakes.

          [web site]SOUTHERN HEART GALLERY
          Come along on a trip down the backroads, USA. The primitive art of Barbara Steele Thibodeaux will bring a lightness to your heart, a smile to your face.

          [web site]SUSAN'S CRAFT CORNER
          Rock and clay sculptures personally made made to look like your own pet or house.

          A group of Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries serving the Monterey Bay, Central Coast, and Northern California area.One of the largest collections of rare & sold out Kinkade paintings in the USA.

          [web site]TYBER KATZ
          Limited edition handcarved handpainted wooden cat dolls and other unique cat collectibles.

          [web site]UNIQUE GIFTS & KRAFTS
          Hand crafted keepsakes and collectibles such as dolls, music boxes, teddy bears and more.

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